About Us

Passion drives performance

Personal drive

I'm passionate about networking and bringing people together to enable them to do what they really love. I've experienced too often that individuals are not working at a job or on an engagement that they enjoy which results in less energy, less quality and suboptimal results. The aim of Notwork is to provide a network that connects talented professionals with a certain passion with organizations that are seeking employees with that particular skill and drive. 

Professional experience

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance specialist with over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry focusing on optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of Compliance and Risk functions while taking into account the rapid pace of technological development.


Peter Engering



We believe that people should do the work that they love to create the best outcome for all stakeholders 

The motto "If you can't share, you can't multiply" clearly applies to us. We open up our network for contractors and job seekers and for financial institutions looking for talent. In addition, we connect companies that have far-reaching synergy opportunities. This enables all parties involved to optimally benefit from the partnerships. 

We believe that working with contractors is especially ideal during times of uncertainty, change or dealing with short-term projects. However, it is difficult for organizations to find the right fit in the large pool of contractors or consultancy firms. Similarly, it is challenging for individuals to know which organization is in need of their specific skillset. Notwork screens individuals thoroughly to ensure that organizations will only be provided with individuals that match their requirements for a price that is highly transparent, and which is lower than that of competing firms. 

We don't want to be a 'headhunting' firm, instead we would like to provide a platform where supply and demand is seamlessly integrated.

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